10 reasons to experience China with us

  1. Accelerate your learning on China and doing business in China
  2. Get relevant insights and inspiration on the key trends (such as clean energy, innovation in production, e-commerce etc.)
  3. Enjoy the company of group members and benefit from this network
  4. Visit companies and be introduced to lecturers nobody is offering before!
  5. Unique 1 on 1 matching with a Chinese company fitting your business
  1. Get inspiration and advice from your tour leader, Mr. Paul van Hek, Director and Senior Partner with RedFoxBlue, a top Business Development Consultant
  2. Get tailor made support from 2 highly professional and succesful agencies: We R Asia & 1421 consulting
  3. Enjoy the comfort & quality of staying in high end 5 star rated hotels
  4. Enjoy a well created and unique leisure program in HongKong and Beijing
  5. This journey is a production by Business Experience China in co-operation with Best of Travel (SGR/ANVR & calamiteitenfonds) together with Atrails from Beijing

Want to be a tomorrows winner?

In 8 days (you can join the November 2020 or Spring 2021 journey) you will experience the way China works and do business in a way it’s never done before.

We cover the fast growing economy (with a even faster growing middle class looking for luxury goods) together with the interrelated key trends shaping our business future: agri-food, biotechnology, e-commerce & artificial intelligence, clean energy and the smart city. We open doors no other business trip did before.

You will visit and experience world leading Chinese companies as well as relevant start ups. You will learn from succesfull Dutch companies operating in China and meet some of the best and most inspiring people (including some from top ranked Universities). They will lecture about relevant trends and their impact.

Start understanding China today!

You travel in full comfort, stay in top-class hotels and enjoy the best food.

Before, during and after this trip you have the added value of a proven international business development strategist (Paul van Hek MBA). During the journey a English speaking Chinese business consultant and translater accompanies us, so you are able to ask all you want to know about China and doing business.

We start in HongKong and then we go to visit the region of Shenzhen/Guangzhou and end up in Bejing. Of course you will also see and experience the highlights like the forbidden City and the Chinese wall.

A breath-taking journey to China

This path-breaking journey is for business leaders and company owners looking for the best in terms of experience, inspiration and comfort. We travel with a maximum of 18 people so we can offer the best service together with great interaction between the attendants as this is a great learning experience in itself!

Last but not least. We ‘R Asia and 1421 consulting (both with offices in China and the Netherlands) offer a unique service. After a audit with you before the trip they will give relevant feedback but can also arrange a 1 to 1 meeting between you and a Chinese company. This can be for sourcing and producing in China (We ‘R Asia expertise) or for selling your products/services in China (1421 expertise).

Hurry Up!

Don't wait till it's too late, make sure you'll be part of this experience. Our first journeys in May and November 2019 were already fully booked.

Check out our 8 day program

If you want more information about prices, accommodation and group size please check out our travel information.

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Just to mention a few (exact program to be determined):

Company visits you will never forget. Some examples:
- Huawei
- WeChat
- SHV Energy China (Xiweigas, Lecturer CEO Maarten Bijl, speaker at the Global Fortune Forum)
- BYD Auto (Worlds largest producer of electric cars)

Meet and experience Derek Kwik or one of his fellow investors. Does anyone knows more about business trends in China?

Accelerate your learnings from:
- Paul van Hek (24/7) – RedFoxBlue (international business development)
- Consultants from the 1421 consulting group and We R Asia (English speaking Chinese consultants on all business aspects in China!)

If you want we arrange a 1 to 1 meeting with a Chinese company fitting your business.

You visit the Peak in HongKong

Get inspired by several innovators in HongKong and Shenzhen

Experience Shenzhen (silicon valley of China) or Guangzhou through a business city tour

The great Chinese Wall

The Bejing highlights with the forbidden city and a great “Foodie Tour!”

Business lunch or dinner at the Ambassadors residence in Bejing

You stay in top end (5 star) hotels

Business Experience China Event

  • Getting all relevant information about your trip
  • Meet all group members joing this trip
  • Meet entrepreneurs and experts explaining about business in China
  • Meet Paul van Hek and the consultants from 1421 and We R Asia.

Intake from Paul van Hek to gather all wishes making this trip the best possible experience

  • (Optional) audit from 1421 Consulting Group or We R Asia
  • Check how “Chinable” your company is
  • Making the best possible match followed by a unique 1 to 1 meeting between you and a Chinese company best fitting your business.

Get relevant information about China and doing business in China

Day 1: Leaving from Schiphol

As a group we leave Amsterdam at 5PM for HongKong (direct flight KLM).

Day 2: Arriving in HongKong

  • Upon arrival (10.20AM) experience this amazing metropole by bus
  • Introduction on China by 1 or 2 lecturers
  • City tour visiting a co-working place for innovative start-up companies
  • Enjoy the tram ride to the great Victoria Peak with the best views over the harbour and city
  • Have dinner and enjoy your stay at your 5 star hotel (link)
Note: the exact program will be determined after the intakes.

Arrive and visit Shenzhen

  • In the early morning we leave by bus to Shenzhen
  • Experience Shenzhen, the silicon valley of China, through a business city tour and talk to different entrepreneurs
  • You visit some great and innovative companies like:
    • Visit and get inspired by Huawei. An innovative and leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Driven by ongoing innovation and open collaboration they have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud computing with more than 170,000 employees worldwide.
    • Ever heard of BYD? You will visit and see (by mono rail!) one of the worlds largest car and commercial vehicle manufacturers and for sure the most innovative on the electric car/bus market. BYD stands for “building your dreams”. BYD is a high-tech company devoted to technological innovations. Founded in 1995, BYD has grown into a global company with 220.000 employees today. Throughout its 23 years of high-speed growth, BYD has played a significant role in industries related to electronics, automobiles, new energy and rail transit. From energy generating and storage to its applications, BYD is dedicated to providing zero-emission energy.
  • Let’s have dinner and enjoy your stay at your 5 star hotel.

Shenzhen – Guangzhou area

  • Optional: if you go for a 1 to 1 meeting with a Chinese company fitting your companies business you miss out half a day of the group program
  • Experience Guangzhong, part of the biggest metropole (city region) in the world with 65 million people. You feel and see this transformation from historical to modern business Guangzhong by Bicycle!
  • You visit some great and innovative companies like:
    • You know Whatsapp. This day you step into the world of WeChat, part of Tencent. Probably the most innovative company in the world having over 50% of its people working in R&D. It’s Tencent’s mission to enhance the quality of human life through internet services like instant messaging, e-commerce, search engine, information security, gaming and many more.
    • Let’s meet and learn from a Dutch company! Xiweigas is part of the Dutch family owned SHV Group (over 60.000 people employed and euro 19 billion turnover). We meet Maarten Bijl, CEO of SHV and speaker at the world economic forum. He will explain core aspects about doing business in China out of the practice. Xiweigas (part of SHV Energy Group) employs about 5.000 people in China and has its focus on energy investments and development. SHV Energy Group, is currently the world's largest LPG distributors, employs more than 15.000 people, provides safe, effective, such as LPG, LNG and biofuels energy solutions and services for 30 million customers in 28 countries in three continents, and strive to help customers to obtain the decentralized renewable clean energy.
  • Optional: we arrange a visit the worlds largest golf course (mission hills – Shenzhen) with 12 times 18 holes
  • Optional: we arrange a visit to the Evergrande Football School. The worlds largest football academy with over 20 trainers recruited from Real Madrid.
  • Let’s have dinner and enjoy your stay at your 5 star hotel.

Note: the exact program will be determined after the intakes.

Shenzhen – Guangzhou area

  • Optional: if you go for a 1 to 1 meeting with a Chinese company fitting your companies business you miss out half a day of the group program
  • You visit some great and innovative manufacturing companies like:
    • Winstech Tangxia - Precision industrial metal From made in China to Invented in China. You will visit 1 or 2 real innovative production company. Winstech is one of them. Just see and learn how this company creates synergies between innovative designs, skilled technic, efficient production methods and competitive pricing. Their business scope is: progressive tools, single-hit tools and transfer tools as well as auto part stamping, electronic part stamping and polyform manufacturing.
  • Optional: we arrange a visit the worlds largest golf course (mission hills – Shenzhen) with 12 times 18 holes
  • Optional: we arrange a visit to the Evergrande Football School. The worlds largest football academy with over 20 trainers recruited from Real Madrid.
  • Let’s have dinner and enjoy your stay at your 5 star hotel.


  • In the early morning we take our flight to Bejing arriving just before noon
  • After Lunch and checking in at your 5 star hotel we will visit 1 or 2 companies. Out of the intake interviews  we will select 1 or 2 of these companies:
    • Fokker Elmo
    • Eurobakery
    • Suitsupply
    • Sennheiser
    • Smart freight centre
  • You will meet Peter Pronk. Owner and CEO of 1421 Consulting group, living in Bejing. Peter is an inspiring lecturer talking about do’s and don’ts doing business in China and with the Chinese.
  • In the evening you will enjoy the private Hutong foodie tour. It’s about food and drink but you will discover funny things and hear great. Visit 5 different restaurants, have unlimited beer, be welcomed for a meal in a hidden Hutong house and try the fresh ber in the Hutong brewery.
  • You are tired so you will enjoy your hotel.

Day 7: Beijing & The Great Wall

  • In the early morning we leave for the great Chinese wall. In 2 hours and some breathtaking scenery we arrive at the Mutianyu section. One of the best preserved places to visit this “one of the seven world wonders”.
  • When we are back on time we probably plan another company visit (f.e.: Fokker Elmo, Eurobakery, Suitsupply, Sennheiser, Smart freight centre)
  • In the evening we try to have our goodbye dinner together with our Dutch Embassador at the residence of the Dutch Embassy, probably together with some speakers
  • You will enjoy this day and evening and enjoy your last night at your hotel.

Day 8: Back to Amsterdam in the morning

As a group we leave Bejing at noon arriving Amsterdam app. 3.30PM (KLM direct flight).

Business Experience China wrap up meeting

  • Business Experience China wrap up meeting. Exchange with the group members and China experts:
    • Your experiences
    • Your questions
    • Your next steps
  • Optional: as a China Business Experience member we will provide you with some interesting offerings and inform you on relevant themes and issues

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