Results for me?

Want to become one oftomorrow’s winners? Better understand China today

It’s not the question if China becomes the new world business leader with Asia as the dominant region. It’s the question how you are going to deal with this.

This program offers you a a unique way to understand and learn from China to your and your companies benefit.

You will be inspired and able to improve the way you do business (even if it’s not in or with China) through:

  • Inspiration on relevant business themes (from innovations in different industries to doing business in and with China)
  • Learning from the experts before, during and after the trip
  • Due to the participation of other entrepeneurs there’s a group learning effect during and after this trip
  • The extra tailor made approach for you and your company through an audit, a matching 1 on 1 appointment with a Chinese company fitting your business and tailor made advice

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