Want to become one of tomorrow’s winners? Better understand China today

First of all, to ensure a “wow” experience we need to be flexible. As true entrepeneurs you understand. There are 2 reasons why:

  1. We will further improve and only finalise the program based on the audit & intakes with all entrepeneurs joining us
  2. We may have to change the program based on the availability of the possible professional entrepeneurs, consultants and lecturers we will be seeing and meeting. The Great Wall of China doesn’t move but people do. And they sure do in China. Something to get used to!

We try to cover all relevant areas to get the broader picture of doing business in and with China and understand the interlinkage between them. These are not only relevant for China but they are shaping the playing field of tomorrows businesses in the world with China and Asia as thé business leaders:

  • Urbansiation together with the SMART & Green
  • City concepts
  • Agri Food technology
  • Clean Energy
  • Highly progessive innovations in production and logistics
  • Fast growth of the internal market of luxury goods
  • Artificial intelligence & e-commerce
    Health care

Further more it’s very important and interesting to see and hear how Chinese entrepeneurs do business. How they look at innovations and how customers behave inChina. We are not in the western world. The old and very rich Chinese culture has a enormous influence and is embedded on how business leaders think and do business and how they interact with you. You will experience this in practice!

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