About this experience

In 2019 or 2020 you can be part of a 8-day breath taking experience in China. It’s not the question any more if China becomes the new world business leader (and Asia the dominant region). It’s now the question how you are going to learn and deal with this.


Hong Kong


Sunday till Sunday
10-17 November 2019
7-14 June 2020
8-15 November 2020

Want to be one of tomorrow’s winners? Better understand China today!

It’s not the question íif China becomes the new world business leader, with Asia as the dominant region. It’s the question, how are you and your business going to deal with this.

Don’t underestimate what is going on

China is developing at a rapid pace and in many ways. You will see and feel the transition from “made in China” to “invented in China”. No one should underestimate what is evolving.

China and India will be the number 1 and 2 world economic forces and reshape the landscape you are doing business in. Within 10 years from now the middle class in China and India will account for almost 70% of all middle class consumers worldwide, coming from less then 30% at this moment.

Key Areas Of Growth

After the first wave of growth, China has put all its power and energy within their key growth areas(which of course you will experience during this trip):

1. Urbanisation together with the SMART & Green City concepts
2. Agri Food technology
3. Clean Energy
4. Top end innovations in production and logistics
5. Fast growth of the internal market for luxury goods
6. Artificial intelligence & e-commerce
7. Health care

Further more it’s very important and interesting to see and hear how Chinese entrepreneurs do business. What their views are on innovations and how customers behave in China. We are not in the western world. The old and very rich Chinese culture has an enormous influence and is embedded on how business leaders think and do business and how they interact with you. You will experience this in practice!

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