Why Join This Experience Trip?

Want to become one of tomorrow’s winners? Better understand China today

It’s not the question if China becomes the new world business leader with Asia as the dominant region. It’s the question how you are going to deal with this.

In this path-breaking, 8 day program you will experience the way the Chinese work, think and do business. This will benefit you and your company.

You are part of a group of Dutch entrepeneurs and business leaders, supported by the best experts (International Business Consultants & China Business Experts). We offer the best learning and unique experiences through the best possible mix of relevant theory combined with amazing company visits, professional lecturers and real life experiences.

And please don’t forget. In this fast changing world you need to constantly think outside the box and take a step back from your daily routines. So take this opportunity, take a step back and get inspired!

For this 8 day business experience program we offer you the full benefit of acceleration in learning through the combination of 5 learning principles.

We developed this path-breaking journey for business leaders looking for the best experiences, learnings and comfort. With a maximum of 18 entrepeneurs we can ensure the best service including high end 5 star rated hotels, the best interaction and professional support.

Furthermore, We ‘R Asia and 1421 consulting (both with offices in China and the Netherlands) offer a unique experience. Follwing a personal audit before the program they will give you relevant feedback for your company in relation to China. Additionally, a face-to-face meeting will be arranged between you and a Chinese company.

Do you want to accelerate your learnings and benefit from what is going on in China?
Then please do send us an e-mail. We welcome you with any questions you may have. In addition you can also register, without any obligation, for the special inspiration evening that we are organizing again in the beginning of 2020.

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